Dough’s and Don’t for Healthy Cookies

Why we should NEVER stop eating cookies:


Being healthy has always been trendy. But lately, with social media fitness

bloggers and increasing rates of diet crazes, it seems like it’s harder and harder

to want to go out and get a dessert. However, I could argue that this is bad for



Eating cookies makes everyone feel good. Cookies remind people of home,

grandma’s house, anyplace comfortable. They warm your soul and make all your

problems go away.


If you just went through something difficult, are you going to eat a salad? No!

Nothing is better at making you feel better than a hot chocolate chip cookie and

a cold glass of milk.


So even if Skinny McFitness is posting about her green juice, go ahead and get a

cookie, especially if it’s from 901 Cookies. Your soul will thank you.

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