5 New Ways to Enjoy a Cookie

1.Make Your Own Cereal

Everyone enjoys milk with cookies, and everyone enjoys milk with cereal.  Let’s skip the middle man and take out those boring oats.  Take four to six large cookies (a bonus if the come from 901Cookies.com), and put them in a ziploc bag.  Then crumble the cookies via any means necessary, and pour into a bowl.  Just add milk.

2. Crumble into a parfait

Step 1: Yogurt and Fruit.  Step 2: Crumble a cookie of your choice (as described in step one).  Add to the yogurt.

3. ice Cream dippers

Take a hard cookie, and stick a couple in a bowl of ice cream around the edges.  Use the cookies to dip the ice cream.  No one is buying a box of waffle cones to snack on, if you want crunch with your ice cream, we recommend cookies over cones.

4. Make your own sandwich cookie

Don’t settle for the generic sandwich cookie that comes in a blue package with a sliver of icing in the middle.  You know you’re going to discard the half with no icing when you twist the cookie.  Instead, take real cookies (like a 901cookie!), a tub of icing, and a knife.  My personal favorite: 2 peanut butter cookies with a smear of Nutella.

5. Frisbees

Take those generic, stale store bought cookies and turn them into something useful.  In the 90’s, they’d have made great POGS.  Perhaps Cookie Golf will be the next psuedo-Sport fad!


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